L2P Pedestal

The pedestal unit goes into fixed applications, such as shops, yards and truck stops

L2P Mobile

The mobile unit is a slim version with the same technological power made to fit into fuel trucks or mobile tanks


• Real-time tracking and reporting. • Increased productivity at pump. • Reduced labor hours.

Cloud Connected

• Wirelessly Via Cell or Wifi network. • Instantly sends every fueling data to the cloud.


• Optional prompts and access restriction. • Customizable for fleets operating in any jurisdiction. • Fits any fuel dispensing setups.

Quick Installation

• Less than 3 hours.

Life-time Warranty

• Rainproof. • Dust seal. • Stays on even with blizzard or extreme heat.

Tank Monitoring

• With 3rd party systems and probes. • Real-time tracking and reporting. • Increased productivity at pump.

Dispenser Types


  • Adaptable to both new and existing setups;
  • Each unit can track up to 4 fueling points;
  • Low and High flow dispensers.


  • Compatible with any fuel dispensers;
  • Simple and easy setup via pulse output board interface;
  • Communication protocol available for select dispensers.



  • Security and accountability for mobile tanks and fuel truck dispensers;
  • Cloud and in-unit storage to keep data safe and updated even in remote locations.



L2P Controllers

Powerful cloud computing to empower data-driven decision making