L2P Pedestal

The pedestal unit goes into fixed applications, such as shops, yards and truck stops

L2P Mobile

The mobile unit is a slim version with the same technological power made to fit into fuel trucks or mobile tanks


Protect fuel from unauthorized use

Cloud Connected

Wirelessly Via Cell or Wifi network


Optional prompts and access restriction

Quick Installation

Less than 3 hours

Life-time Warranty

No questions asked

Tank Monitoring

Compatible with 3rd party systems and probes

Dispenser Types


Adaptable to both new and existing setups

Each unit can track up to 4 fueling points

Low and High flow dispensers


Compatible with any fuel dispensers

Simple and easy setup via pulse output board interface

Communication protocol available for select dispensers



Security and accountability for mobile tanks and fuel truck dispensers

Cloud and in-unit storage to keep data safe and updated even in remote locations




Powerful cloud computing to empower data-driven decision making