Hello, we are Link2Pump!

From the first automated filling point in a former farm shop in southern Brazil, Link2Pump has grown to serve a wide range of industries across North and South America, partnering with global industry experts to become a leading authority on fleet fuel management.



Industry Pioneers

Co-founders Stertz and Borges designed their first automated monitoring system for the trucking industry. It was an onboard computer solution for monitoring vehicle faults and it was retailed worldwide.


An idea is born

Working directly with fleets from all over the world, the co-founders identified the struggles and pains in managing one of their highest expenses. They saw a need for smarter fleet fuel management and had the skills and expertise needed to drive a solution forward.


The first unit

After years of prototyping and test trials, the first version was installed at a farming business shop in southern Brazil. The company started its operations as CTA Smart, centered around values of simplicity and intelligence. The ingenuity of the solution would change the industry in the coming years.


Growth and expansion

As an increasing number of businesses decide to move from paper and into the cloud, CTA Smart nurtures a culture of collaboration to prioritize each client's particular needs and stay ahead in a constantly evolving market.


Going worldwide

Link2Pump Corp is incorporated in Florida to serve the North American market and be the export hub to the rest of the world. CTA and L2P are now one multinational group with the same mission: delivering a singular fleet fuel management technology able to handle any job, anywhere.


Endeavor Award

CTA is awarded on Endeavor's Scale Up Program, a multinational entrepreneur organization program that selects fast growing companies and connects them with industry experts worldwide.


Moving forward

After a year of hardship for people and businesses all over the world Link2Pump thrived with the hard work and help of all employees, partners and clients. Backed by years of expertise and a wide network of industry experts, L2P looks forward to help driving your business forward.

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