Common causes of semi-truck breakdowns

While semi truck towing is an option available at your disposal in the event of a breakdown, it is ideal that you know the most prevalent causes of semi-truck breakdowns, so you can prepare accordingly.

Tire Blowout

When hauling heavy loads across vast distances, tire blowouts can be a significant concern. To minimize the risk of a blowout, you should always stay up to date with rotation and other relevant maintenance needs. Driving with correct tire pressure can also help to prevent blowouts.


Overheating can be caused by a variety of problems. Oftentimes, this is due to a bad radiator cap or leaking coolant. If there’s coolant bubbling up around a head gasket, then there’s a good chance that your head gasket will need to be replaced. Moreover, overheating could result from a thermostat that isn’t properly opening and closing.

Oil Leak

With an oil leak, insufficient lubrication could result in metal-on-metal contact, causing moving parts to fail. Oil leaks should be addressed soon after they’re identified. And by always keeping current with your truck’s oil changes, you’ll greatly reduce the risk of damage occurring due to friction.

Battery or Alternator

Your truck’s battery or alternator can be very prone to breakdowns. Fortunately, you will always notice warning signs if there are any issues with the battery or the alternator.

For instance, when you notice your light flickering while your truck is idle, you need to check your truck’s alternator or battery right away.

That is why preventive maintenance is essential for keeping a fleet on the road. By using a maintenance schedule and regularly inspecting essential vehicle components, fleet managers can extend the lifespan of their fleet vehicles and reduce unplanned downtime.

Increasingly, longer-term preventative and predictive maintenance is the preferred answer. For managers, knowing how to streamline this maintenance approach will make it easier to avoid disruptions without making inspections or repairs less effective.

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