Digitalization Trends in the Logistics Industry

As the world undergoes a change around us, traditional methods of doing business are making ways for tech-oriented methods for faster solutions, less paperwork, and better results. Data and analytics have transformed businesses, and logistics is not an exception. In fact, the dynamic nature of the transport sector makes it a perfect use case for data.

The logistics industry across the globe is entering a new era. The accelerated development of digital technologies, combined with recent pandemic events, is the biggest responsible for this change.

The existence of data in the logistics sector isn’t new, but the way it is used is evolving. The information-gathering exercise now finds multiple use cases and is it possible to leverage one single set of data in multiple actionable ways.

Right from the GPS to weather, fleet information, and the delivery schedules, all add to the system which is then used to predict the optimal route of delivery. It also brings cost-efficacy for the customers and better earning visibility for the truck drivers.

Like most businesses, the logistics industry is going through several changes and is adapting to the new digital environment.

If your company has a minimum demand, you can start thinking about enjoying the benefits of your fleet supply system. With automated supply, the logistics become much more agile: times are shortened and you no longer depend on external factors that reduce business efficiency. In addition to being able to be placed in strategic locations, a fuel management solution allows the entire fueling process, including vehicle identification and odometer reading, to be completed very quickly.

Fleet management systems provide everything you need to develop a preventative maintenance schedule, helping you manage maintenance costs. Kilometers traveled, engine hours, fuel usage. These are some of the data points that can be used to create a preventative maintenance schedule.

We made fuel tracking and reporting simple. In the era of data and connectivity, Link2Pump empowers businesses to take control of their fuel usage. Our solution combines a web portal and a device connected to your fuel dispenser.


If you want to learn more about our solution and are looking for alternatives to improve bottom line and productivity, please, get in touch.

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