Fuel Efficiency for Municipal Fleets

In the harsh, unyielding public spotlight, today’s municipal fleet managers must find ways to do more with less. It’s a challenge made all the more complex by the massive diversity of equipment in their fleets.

The diverse equipment pool is a double-edged sword. Many fleet executives believe that mechanics are attracted to shops with different kinds of equipment. But in an era of fierce labor shortages, finding mechanics qualified to work on the wide range of equipment is problematic. That’s why preventive maintenance is crucial in this segment.

Today’s successful municipal fleet managers have taken on a new proactive business strategy that enables them to satisfy the customer base (i.e., taxpayers) that expects reliable and efficient service at the lowest price.

Strategies to Reduce Fuel Usage by Municipal Fleets

Vehicle fuel consumption on average represents about 20% of total municipal energy usage for towns. And a good first step in reducing municipal fleet fuel consumption is to understand where and when fuel consumption is occurring.  This information can help municipal officials, staff, and volunteers to identify major sources of fuel consumption, and decide where to focus fuel usage reduction efforts.

Link2Pump service can be very useful in this area, as we offer solutions such as:

— instant tracking of fuel expenditures by department

— real-time tracking and reporting by vehicle, driver, division and more

— no fuel misuse, our system can prevent drivers from accidentally filling gas into diesel powered vehicles

With these tools, you can have a complete fuel log from each vehicle and monitor fuel use for all vehicles using the municipal pumps. 

There are also other strategies for managing vehicle operation for better vehicle and fleet fuel efficiency.  While simple, these strategies can lead to significant reductions in overall fuel consumption. You should keep an eye on:

— Proactive Vehicle Maintenance

— Anti-Idling Policies

— Green Driving Education

— Route Optimization

— Vehicle Rightsizing

— Interdepartmental Coordination 

If you want to learn more about our solution and are searching for alternatives to manage your municipal fleet, please get in touch.

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