How fleet managers can simplify preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is essential for keeping a fleet on the road. By using a maintenance schedule and regularly inspecting essential vehicle components, fleet managers can extend the lifespan of their fleet vehicles and reduce unplanned downtime.

Increasingly, longer-term preventative and predictive maintenance is the preferred answer. And fortunately, there’s a lot of business owners and fleet managers can do to extend the life of their current fleet.

For managers, knowing how to streamline this maintenance approach will make it easier to avoid disruptions without making inspections or repairs less effective.


Driver safety

Utilizing data provided by fleet management technology such as GPS tracking or driver-facing dash cameras can allow fleet managers to individualize driver training and help prevent distracted driving accidents or harsh driving. 


Digitize Paperwork and Scheduling

Administrative work can be one of the most time-consuming portions of preventive maintenance. Digital solutions can make storing, accessing, and analyzing this information much simpler. Support staff and mechanics can generate templates for common repairs using information from previous work, streamlining the process of documenting maintenance.


Real picture of the operation

Fleet management software gives you a more comprehensive picture of your fleet’s operations. When you have this well-rounded view of your fleet, you can expand it more efficiently. By understanding your current fleet, you can find opportunities to grow. 


Putting predictive maintenance into practice

Fleet management systems provide everything you need to develop a preventative maintenance schedule, helping you manage maintenance costs. Kilometers traveled, engine hours, fuel usage. These are some of the data points that can be used to create a preventative maintenance schedule.


Lifetime Warranty

When you choose to use Link2Pump fuel management solution, you also have included a lifetime warranty. Our unique lifetime warranty protects your investment and eliminates unexpected expenses. We offer a hassle-free parts replacement policy, where servicing is simple and easy and can be done quickly by the customer, reducing downtime to a minimum. And you don’t need to overpay for it.

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