How tax refunds can affect your fleet

Tax refunds can reduce fuel costs, but still, many companies lose a lot of money each year by not accurately filing for fuel tax refunds. You can surely save your company a great deal with Link2Pump managing process. 

In 1933, the federal gasoline excise tax was implemented and taxed each gallon of gas at one cent. Current federal gasoline rates in May 2019 have escalated to 24.4 cents for each gallon of diesel and 18.4 cents per gallon of gas. 

Fleet managers often fail to accurately file for all the on-road taxes for the diesel fuel that is used to power tax-exempt processes of non-road everyday equipment, including concrete mixers, dump trucks and other construction site machinery.

Concrete producers and contractors can secure significant federal and state tax rebates for the fuel not used for on-highway activities, on average about 60 cents per gallon. Knowing and gathering the proper data, can offer fleet managers massive rebates. 

Paperless fueling systems can be incorporated into a software that helps fleet managers accurately track how each gallon was used, reducing recording errors. Armed with this important data, fleet managers can reconcile all the information needed for filing for fuel tax refunds. 

Link2Pump can easily track and reconcile all information required for filing fuel tax refund claims with a one-click report. It is easy to save money with our service. The best part is that facilitating the tax refunds process is one of the many features of our equipment, and you don’t have to pay anything extra for it. 

So with Link2Pump you can automate your managing process, have up to 25% fuel savings, more than 10 hours in time savings, and have your fuel tax refunds made easy. If you want to learn more about our solution and are searching for alternatives to improve bottom line and productivity, please get in touch.


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