Technology can help with fuel efficiency

More than ever, it is time to invest in technologies that help with its management. You can estimate the fuel consumption of each vehicle, compare expenses on each type of vehicle and route, and thus plan your action to further reduce fuel costs.


In the scope of any project or job, the cost of fuel often accounts for one of the most significant expenses. From the cost of lost fuel to theft to engine issues associated with contaminants in the fuel, to lost productivity due to lack of fuel; storage, transportation, and distribution of Jobsite fuel have the potential to significantly affect the bottom line. However, changing technology in fuel storage is helping companies tackle those issues and mitigate costs.  


Companies that manage the cost of fuel well spend up to 30% less than companies that do not control the expense. Which one is yours? 

But how can Fuel Tracking Technology help you save fuel?

  • Reduce engine idle time
  • Have better control of the routes taken by vehicles
  • Know how efficient drivers are being
  • Create the best routes for vehicles

Link2Pump services account all across the US, helping businesses to save human and financial resources in the fuel tracking and reporting process. By automating and managing fuel dispensing from bulk storage tanks, we turn a complex process into a simple experience.


Link2Pump Pedestal automates the fueling process on-site, capturing the data points you need and sending them to your online account in real-time. Account access is available from any device, anywhere, any time. Fully compatible with mechanical, digital, and electronic dispensers, each unit controls up to 4 fueling points and features extensive data input options and restriction capabilities.


Loss of fuel, or fuel that goes unaccounted for, is a sometimes-overlooked expense. Fuel theft is nearly a $133 billion issue that includes stolen, adulterated, and defrauded products. But here’s the good news: Fuel loss can be prevented, and the bottom line can be protected. Card-locking control technology combats the potential of fuel theft by allowing only authorized individuals to access fuel.

When fuel can account for up to 50% of a job’s total operating costs, it’s important to do everything possible to protect fuel assets. 


Our company has solutions for several industries, such as agriculture, aviation, construction, government, marinas, manufacturing, mining, transportation, and utilities. If you want to learn more about our solution and are looking for alternatives to improve the bottom line and productivity, please get in touch.

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