What Are the Benefits of a Fuel Management System?

Fuel is the biggest expenditure for efficient fleet management. A custom fuel management system is the perfect solution to understand gas consumption within your fleet.

Many fleet managers are incorporating fuel management systems into their daily operations. Leveraging telematics technology offers valuable insights into fuel usage and allows you to optimize this asset across the board.

A fuel management system enables fleet managers to track fuel usage patterns across their fleet. Without a fuel management system in place, managers often find themselves overspending on fuel and repairs, and drivers may run out of fuel as the result of a misguided fuel meter or taking trips without optimized routes.

With automated supply, the logistics become much more agile: times are shortened, and you no longer depend on external factors that reduce business efficiency. In addition to being able to be placed in strategic locations, a fuel management solution allows the entire fueling process, including vehicle identification and odometer reading, to be completed quickly.

Another important point is to avoid and reduce fraud. Companies tend to lose a lot of money in the risk management process. A software system solves this issue by ascertaining that the right vehicle is fueled at the correct time and place. Indeed, managers can monitor their fleet conveniently and at all times.

Moreover, small issues can become serious ones if not repaired in a timely manner. For example: 

— Flat or under-inflated tires can reduce mileage by up to 30%

— Engine problems reduce mileage by 4% on average

— Faulty oxygen sensors cut up to 40% off mileage

— Brake drag can also affect driver safety and fuel consumption.

A fuel tracking system can track anomalies in your fleet’s fuel consumption, which can be either indicative of potential maintenance issues or the result of driving behavior.

Having a properly developed fuel management system can help mitigate these risks and expenses, not only by giving you a window into your fleet’s performance, but by protecting your drivers and overall fleet performance.

Fleet management software gives you a more comprehensive picture of your fleet’s operations. When you have this well-rounded view of your fleet, you can expand it more efficiently. By understanding your current fleet, you can find opportunities to bring in more jobs.

So, to sum up, the main advantages of installing your own fueling point are:

  • Fuel quality assurance, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring that the entire fleet can have the same performance;
  • Elimination of the costs of moving machinery/vehicles to the gas station;
  • Practicality and speed of supply, since it will have the availability of supply 24 hours;
  • Fuel tax refund; 
  • Centralization and rationalization of consumption control. 

If you’re looking to install a fleet management system for your team’s vehicles, get in touch.

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