Benefits of having a fuel management system

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A very common question today is: Do I have to set up a fuel supply system for my company’s fleet or continue to refuel at gas stations? If your company has a minimum demand , you can start thinking about enjoying the benefits of your fleet supply system.

Agility and speed in routine

With automated supply, the logistics become much more agile: times are shortened and you no longer depend on external factors that reduce business efficiency. In addition to being able to be placed in strategic locations, a fuel management solution allows the entire fueling process, including vehicle identification and odometer reading, to be completed very quickly.

Avoid and reduce fraud

Another important point is to avoid and reduce fraud. Companies tend to lose a lot of money in the risk management process. A software system solves this issue by ascertaining that the right vehicle is fueled at the right time and place. Indeed, managers can monitor their fleet conveniently and at all times.

Focus on your core activities

You can also increase focus on your core activities, as management of fuel can consume a lot of time from your time. After engaging a professional to build an on-demand fuel delivery app, most of the manual work is handled by the features and tools. It is, therefore, possible to focus on other management functions such as planning, controlling, and coordinating activities to achieve goals. 

Improve maintenance

Fleet management systems provide everything you need to develop a preventative maintenance schedule, helping you manage maintenance costs. Kilometers traveled, engine hours, fuel usage. These are some of the data points that can be used to create a preventative maintenance schedule. 

Easy fuel tax refund

In most states and for the federal government, motor fuel excise taxes are collected and designated for highway and road construction and maintenance. So, fleets using fuel for powering vehicles and equipment at off-road applications may qualify for federal and state-level refunds. Some fuel management systems, like Link2Pump, easily track and reconcile all information needed for filing fuel tax refund claims with one-click reports. 

The real picture of the operation

Fleet management software gives you a more comprehensive picture of your fleet’s operations. When you have this well-rounded view of your fleet, you can expand it more efficiently. By understanding your current fleet, you can find opportunities to bring in more jobs.

So, to sum up, the main advantages of installing your own fueling point are:

  • Fuel quality assurance, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring that the entire fleet can have the same performance;
  • Elimination of the costs of moving machinery/vehicles to the gas station;
  • Practicality and speed of supply, since it will have the availability of supply 24 hours;
  • Fuel tax refund; 
  • Centralization and rationalization of consumption control. 

If you want to learn more about our solution and are looking for alternatives to improve bottom line and productivity, please, get in touch.

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