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Link2Pump services accounts all across the US, helping businesses to save human and financial resources in the fuel tracking and reporting process. By automating and managing fuel dispensing from bulk storage tanks, we turn a complex process into a simple experience. In 2020 we teamed up with CTASmart, a multinational leader in fuel management from Brazil, aiming to extend our culture of simplicity and intelligence to Latin America and worldwide. CTA Smart & Link2Pump has already tracked over 500 million gallons of fuel  by managing  600,000 assets at over 3,000 fueling points 

We made fuel tracking and reporting simple. In the era of data and connectivity, Link2Pump empowers businesses to take control of their fuel usage. Our solution combines a web portal and a device connected to your fuel dispenser. 

Our solutions

Link2Pump Pedestal automates the fueling process on-site, capturing data points you need and sending them to your online account in real-time. Account access is available from any device, anywhere, any time. Fully compatible with mechanical, digital and electronic dispensers, each unit controls up to 4 fueling points and features extensive data input options and restriction capabilities.

We also offer mobile applications that pack the same technological power from L2P Pedestal into a compact enclosure to fit fuel trucks, tanker trucks or any kind of mobile tanks. Whether used solo or combined with an L2P pedestal, filling up equipment out in the field is safely tracked in real-time, with in-unit and cloud backup for added security.

As we know, more assertive route planning, more robust management systems are among the investments required for this moment. The resumption of services provided with excellence also has a major problem: the price of oil. 

That’s why we need to improve delivery planning and fuel distribution management, saving money without losing effectiveness and deadlines.

How it works? 

The Link2Pump Pedestal unit connects to your fuel dispenser, protecting your fuel from unauthorized use. The operator will be prompted for  key information, like driver, vehicle number and mileage. Only then the L2P unit activates the pump. While the operator fills up the tank, L2P records the gallons being pumped and uploads all fueling data to your online account once the transaction is overfueling data is available in real-time and you can see and manage it from any device. Cloud backup guarantees zero chance of data loss.

Lifetime warranty

Our unique lifetime warranty protects your investment and eliminates unexpected expenses. We offer a hassle-free parts replacement policy, where servicing is simple and easy and can be done quickly by the customer, reducing down-time to a minimum

Popular Integrations

Link2Pump also offers open API for seamless and free integration with 3rd party softwaresYour fuel transactions and tank inventory data in the L2P system can interface via web service with basically any software platform, such as fleet fuel cards, billing programs, fleet maintenance, telematics, and much more. You can also export to text and spreadsheet files. 

Our company has solutions for several industries, such as agriculture, aviation, construction, government, marinas, manufacturing, mining, transportation and utilities. If you want to learn more about our solution and are looking for alternatives to improve bottom line  and productivity, please get in touch

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