How remote work is running for fleet management

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After almost a year in the lives of many people, in some cases unexpectedly, today it seems that most employees are already getting used to the home office. According to a Kaspersky survey, 48% of employees now make their video calls in a slightly more comfortable outfit and 27% prefer to update reports or other bureaucratic tasks while working in the garden or on the porch.

Unlike the first few months of confinement, today people have a home office routine much more adjusted to their lifestyle. Technology, connectivity, and collaborative work are factors that helped a lot for this.

And while the home office lasts for a few more months in several companies, we ask ourselves: how remote work is running for fleet management. 

This virtual world has resulted in fewer miles driven and more time in front of a computer for company drivers. Most companies still have restrictions on guests at their offices (many are 100% virtual), which means having an in-person sales call will require that it be held offsite.

As more jobs involving company drivers become permanently remote, it may result in less travel that will cause a reassessment of optimal fleet size. 

Other changes should also appear with this new model of work. With many employees opting to work from home, corporations may not require as large a building to accommodate a smaller office staff. Another ramification may be an ongoing reduction in the budget for business travel.

It is difficult to say whether these changes will be permanent, but at least for now, it is the reality of many companies. But it is likely to take advantage of the positive points going forward. And the best way to ensure remote work is efficient is to invest in the technology necessary for your fleet to be controlled from the cloud. 

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Tips to motivate and connect with the remote workforce

You may be wondering why employee engagement is so important. Today’s employees want to know how what they are doing contributes to the overall success of the company. Communication is one of the keys to keeping employees engaged and smart businesses are staying close to their employees on a variety of platforms. 

In addition to regularly communicating with your employees, it is also important to continue to recognize employee achievements. So, it is very important that even though they are away, managers work hard and make the extra effort to make sure employees stay engaged. 

As we establish what the new normal will be for businesses, the sector needs to prepare and make the necessary changes to deal with the current situation. Waiting for things to go back to how they were before can make you lose a lot of money. 

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